I live and work in Los Angeles.

I worked for tradesy.com until August 12th 2016. There I had the luck of having various interesting problems to work on. The glamorous bits: flagging fraud with logistic regression, writing spark jobs for crunching through logs, training neural nets to classify images, hiring some really talented teammates.

I studied Computer Science in college. In terms of academics, I tried out many subjects during my undergrad years. I did lab work for two summers, one in an evolutionary biology lab, and another in a biophysics lab. Then I tried physics out, but really it takes a lot to be a mad scientist. Finally, I decided to settle on CS after spending a summer coding with two great friends. During the summer of 2011 I was learning and programming for a great startup, wattvision.com .

I’m interested in all things tech/science and am a big fan of xkcd.

Reach out via email, [my name]@go[my name].org