Raymie Stata - Yahoo

Talk by Raymie Stata , ex-CTO at Yahoo

Some tech roles:

  • Managers:
    • manage commitment. People depend on product, they make it happen on time.
  • Individual Contributor (ic):
    • i shaped
  • Architects:
    • t shaped
  • There are some companies that don’t have an architect branch. (google)

More in depth about Architect:

  • It’s all about managing trade offs
  • tech debt: making not-the-most-elegant solution and deciding to leave
    the elegant solution for the future. Customers will never be happy
    about paying down the debt, they want solutions.
  • need to understand how software evolves over time. Understand how to
    get what you want done working with what you’ve already got.
  • Startups: they don’t teach you how get things done in large
  • As an architect people have to trust that you’re doing the best for
    the company, not just your career.